I numeri di ERG

EBITDA*                                                    569 million EUR                 
EBIT * 278 million EUR
Group net profit * 38 million EUR
Net invested capital a 2,821 million EUR
Adjusted Leverage 34%  
Adjusted net financial debt (position) b 1,015 million EUR
Market Capitalisation a 1,465 million EUR
Wind farm installed capacity a 1,340 MW
Wind power generation 2,403 million of kWh
Thermal installed capacity a 1,008 MW
Thermal power generation 6,805 million of kWh


All data referred to 2013
* at adjusted replacement cost
a As of 31 Dec.2013
b Includes ERG’s share of the net financial position pertaining to the TotalErg and LUKERG Renew joint ventures.