ERG Mobile

ERG Mobile

TotalErg is the third largest Italian operator in the oil product distribution and marketing sector with a Retail network of around 3,300 service stations (market share of over 12%) and fuel sales amounting to 4.4 million m3/year.

The company, born on October 1st 2010, has been created through the merger of ERG Petroli and Total Italia, following the closing of the joint venture transaction between ERG S.p.A. (51%) and TOTAL S.A. (49 %).

Now the operational integration of the two companies has been completed and the sales range will be progressively amalgamated and expanded, so as to offer customers a more and more qualified and competitive range of products and services.

ERG Mobile is marketed by TotalErg (ERG was the first oil company to enter the virtual mobile telephony market) through its fuel distribution Network made up of about 3,300 outlets.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are mobile operators that do not own their own network infrastructures but have business arrangements with already existing operators. Their commercial offer to their Customers is completely independent from that of the partners providing the infrastructures. 


The ERG Mobile telephony service is guaranteed through the infrastructures of Vodafone Italia.

ERG Mobile represents another opportunity for consolidating the relationship of loyalty with customers and comes fully within the strategy of commercial exploitation and development of the ERG Petroli network:

  • restyling of the outlets
  • launch of the “ERG più” loyalty card
  • birth of ERG Mobile

The goal set is to offer consistently innovative and high quality services.



ERG Mobile is the new SIM that lets you save on both telephony and fuel costs.


The integration of ERG Mobile with the ERG Più loyalty programme means that ERG Mobile Customers can enter a world of exclusive offers , with dedicated services and special promotions.

What ERG Mobile offers:

  • a high-quality service guaranteed in Italy by a 99.4% population coverage and 97% geographical coverage;
  • a top-up SIM card that can be immediately enabled at the ERG filling stations
  • two simple and economical cost Profiles
  • exclusive offers linked to fuel purchases that provide unique benefits with respect to all the other fuel-selling companies in Italy.

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